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Beautiful blue and white wedding cake with flowers and champagne flutes

There are many traditions all over the world when it comes to weddings. This article will focus on the tradition and importance of the cake cutting ceremony. The importance of the wedding cake cannot be overlooked. It is a reflection of the couple, therefore, it is given a place of honor at the cake table – the center.

Happy hispanic couple cutting multi-tiered wedding cake
Photo © Carlito Carnhadas

Cutting the Cake

Long ago, the bride would be the only person cutting the cake as it was symbolic to losing her virginity on her wedding night. Nowadays, the cake is cut together and this symbolizes the first activity done as a couple.

Since cakes at today’s weddings are generally multi-tiered, the bride and groom only cut the first slice from the bottom tier. The groom places his hand over his bride’s as a symbol of his promise to protect and support her. The reason the couple cuts from the bottom tier isn’t because of simplicity, but instead, is symbolic of the continuity and longevity of their relationship.

Feeding Each Other Cake

We’ve all seen the wedding reception photos where the bride and groom are feeding each other a small bite of cake; then the groom – or the bride – or both! – smash it into each other’s face. This is something that should be agreed upon between the bride and groom beforehand.

At my reception, for example, my new husband was understanding of the fact that I couldn’t eat anything we had due to the fact that I had to Bride and Groom Feeding Each Other Cakehave wisdom teeth extracted three days before my wedding! My mouth was very sore, my cheek was very swollen. Pain killers helped, but not enough. I was still miserable. Had he shoved cake into my face/mouth that day, the marriage would have ended right there on the spot!

The tradition of feeding each other a piece of cake symbolizes the couple’s commitment to provide for each other and a display of their love and affection. Grooms, pay attention here. Your new wife doesn’t want to get cake or frosting on – or down the front of – her beautiful wedding dress!

Save or Don’t Save the Top Tier of the Wedding Cake?

Speaking from personal experience, I’d advise not keeping the top tier of the cake for a full year. Even if it’s wrapped exceptionally well, it will lose some flavor and it’ll taste rather bland. But, the symbolism of keeping the top tier of your wedding cake is that you’re supposed to eat it on your first wedding anniversary and have a reminder of your wedding day. The decision to keep it for the full year is entirely up to you!

Scottish Wedding Cake Pull

Scottish Wedding Cake PullThere is a wonderful tradition that has fallen into disuse over the years and it stems from the Scottish. It’s called the Cake Pull. Small charms are pressed into the finished cake that have ribbons attached to them. According to tradition, all of the single women at the reception are supposed to choose a ribbon and gently pull the charm from the cake. The charm that they pull out is representative of something that will happen in their life, for example:

  • Flower = New Love
  • A Heart = True Love
  • Anchor = Adventure
  • Highchair = Children
  • Purse = Good Fortune
  • Wedding bells = Marriage
  • Rocking Chair = Long Life
  • Ring = Upcoming Engagement
  • Clover or Horseshoe = Good Luck
  • Wishing Well = Wishes Coming True

One beautiful way in which you could incorporate this wonderful tradition into your wedding day is by giving your bridesmaids charm bracelets. Find charms that are suitable for each of your attendants but leave one missing from their bracelet. That empty clip is for the charm they pull from the cake!

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