Wedding Trends for 2021

Let’s skip the rest of 2020 and move right into 2021, shall we? While we can’t just skip the remaining five months of the year, we can dare to dream that next year will be nothing short of awesome!

Summer 2021 is looking to be the “Summer of Love” and if you haven’t updated your marriage plans for next year by now, you’re probably have to push it back to 2022, unless you’re open to having a small, intimate weekday ceremony. 

But don’t let that thought get you down! This is the perfect time to consider some of these new trends for your wedding. 

His and Hers Second Set of Clothes

A change of clothes for the reception isn’t limited to just the bride anymore. The groom can have his own change of clothes, too! Guys, keep this second outfit a little more casual but not super relaxed casual. You’ll still want to wear the dress shirt, comfortable slacks, a change of shoes and a matching belt. Oh yes, a colorful tie may be in order but leave off the jacket. 

PS: Listen up, fellas. You’re also no longer limited to wearing black, white, grey or blue tuxes on your wedding day! More and more couples are choosing unconventional colors, such as olive green and maroon!

Buffet style grazing table
©Image by RitaE

Grazing Tables in Place of Formal Settings

Post-Pandemic, people may still be a little uneasy about sitting close to others at formal table settings, even if your affair is small and intimate.

Opt for grazing tables so your guests can pick ‘n nibble during cocktails, mingle with each other, and still keep their distance.

Imagine a table set with a beautiful display of cheeses, jams, meats, crackers, nuts, fruits, and more. Another table can be set up with a variety of pastries and sweet treats with the wedding cake featured at the center. 

Eccentric Vibes

Have fun with your big day! Opt for a neutral color palette, mismatched dinnerware, and relaxing vibes. If a neutral color palette isn’t for you, go for dusty hues, such as; beautiful golden yellows, marble accents, lush greens, dusty rose. 

Over the Top Wedding CakeGo For It!

If you’re like me, you’re on Pinterest searching like crazy for wedding inspiration.

You’ve probably seen many over-the-top weddings and said to yourself, “When this crazy COVID is as over as possible, I’m going to through the wedding of a lifetime!”

Hey, if you can afford it, go for it! You can make a big statement, too! Dramatic accents, over-sized balloons, lavish decor, fireworks, and much more. Get creative with your wedding day and have fun!

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