A Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

When it comes to envisioning events and weddings, my mind tends to go overboard with a flurry of ideas and they all excite me. From elegant and formal, to relaxed and intimate, even fun and whimsical. But the ones that really push that excitement over-the-top are events and weddings that incorporate a specialized theme.

The following list are just some of the ideas I have floating around my head. While I am not going to list specific details – after all, these are reserved for my clients – I may mention a detail or two.

Murder on the Orient Express

I have this theme completely planned out in my head down to the very minute details that most people wouldn’t notice, and that’s okay.

This theme would be awesome for a unique twist on a bridal/wedding party on an overnight train trip through the Rockies.

Other events you could apply this theme to include hosting a murder mystery dinner party, corporate event, or even a family reunion!


1950s-Retro-Vintage Theme w/Flash Mob Reception

I’m dying to plan and coordinate a wedding with this type of theme! We’ve seen the t.v. shows of flash mobs breaking out in malls, piazza’s, the Vegas strip when a man is planning to propose to his girlfriend. Those are so neat!

Imagine a wedding reception where a flash mob breaks out in coordinated dance and sings a song or two from your favorite musical, Broadway show, or even tunes from the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Steampunk Around the World Adventure

This would be an amazing theme to not only plan and organize, but to be a part of!

Cuisine would be delicacies from around the world, Steampunk decor and attire, and as part of the reception or charity fundraising ball, the release of lanterns shaped as miniature hot-air balloons.

There are so many things to be done with this theme and imagine the party favors and keepsakes for your guests!


Phantom of the Opera

This theme would be incredibly beautiful to bring to life. Imagine blacks, reds, and golds.

Your bridal party or the women attending whatever event you set this to dressed in gorgeous flowing gowns, the man in top hats and tails. 

Invitations hand-written in Calligraphy penmanship and sealed in wax with your specially designed sigil. 

These are just a few of the very long list of theme ideas I have. If you have a unique theme idea for your event that you’d love to see come to life, reach out to VenYou today! Now truly is the perfect time to start planning for your future celebration or event. 

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