There are still good times to be had

Update: April 11, 2021

The staff of VenYou, LLC have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as of April 6, 2021.  We will still be taking precautions to help prevent the spread of illness long after COVID-19 by continuing to practice safety measures - including the wearing of masks - when appropriate to do so; or when required by locations.

COVID-19 has hit the USA hard. Many businesses have had to make major adjustments and changes in order to keep operating and VenYou, LLC is among those. Though we are all navigating through uncharted waters, there is no reason to put off plans for the future. We can safely meet and discuss your upcoming nuptials and special events for the coming year and beyond.

We here at VenYou, LLC want you to rest assured knowing that we take the health and safety of our community very seriously and we have taken precautions against contributing to the spread of COVID-19. There is no need to meet face-to-face to plan your future events. 

Skype, ZOOM, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Email, and Phone are all viable ways in which we can communicate and plan your wedding, special event, and make travel arrangements. Plus, there are many ways in which you can still safely host a holiday event for 2021 and beyond.

Find out more by connecting with VenYou, LLC! Stay healthy and safe!